Chongqing Qingling Aluminum Casting Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Qingling Motors, was invested by Qingling Motors as the holding company, Chongqing Yugao Science & Technology, Isuzu, and Asia Development Business. The total investment is USD 28,000,000. The company is located in the national-level Chongqing High Tech Development Zone, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. QLAC produces aluminum parts for engines and transmissions of ISUZU N series, T series, F series commercial vehicles and UC-series vehicles. Its products feature high precision, light weight, thin wall, and strength, with an annual production capacity of 1700 tons.
  The Company has imported fully-automatic casting machines of high pressure made by MW including 750 ton, 1000 ton, 1350 ton production line as well as TOYO equipment and OSAKA low-pressure vertical casting machine, and the production is automatically processed. QLAC is one of a few domestic enterprises which have high pressure, low pressure and gravity casting technology at the same time, ensuring high capability, high precision and production of high quality casting aluminum parts. QLAC has already put its newly acquired gravity casting process and equipment into production.
  QLAC has advanced optical direct reading spectrum analyzer from Germany, air content tester, leak detector, and projector from Japan, X-ray flaw detector, coordinate measuring machine, metalloscope and other inspection instruments and facilities, and the products quality is reliably ensured. Its quality and technology level take the lead of the industry in China. Its automobile engine and transmission aluminum castings meet international standards and have passed strict quality inspections by ISUZU. Batches of its products have been exported to ISUZU for years. Products are well recognized on international markets.
  The Company teams up with Tsinghua University and many other higher education institutes and established a compete aluminum casting supply system ranging from mould R&D and manufacturing, blank casting, to machining of blanks, with assistance from Qingling Group’s branches and plants of die, engine plant, transmission plant and axle. QLAC is prompt to respond and meet market demands.